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May 28, 2013
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I did expect the Inquisition by TD-Vice I did expect the Inquisition by TD-Vice
Zekkel was an unfortunate Excorcists initiate who failed the secondary daemon possession trial, which was practiced among this "Grey Knights ripoff" chapter. Realizing he'd be executed after his corruption is known, he prepared to fight for his life - a decision virtually unknown of amongst the Excorcists space marines.

But, Brother Zekkel was a fellow that found life and its pleasures too hard to part with in the prospect of his gruesome demise. Though amongst Torturer's warband he's not known for battle prowess, but rather his spiritual and occult side, the single fact that he managed to escape an Excorcists battle fortress and Inquisitorial pursuiters tells that the most pacifist of the renegades harbors more power than meets the eye.

So there's Zekkel waiting for his former Brothers to come and kill him, alongside an overseeing Inquisitor Lord.
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Belazikkal Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Always wondered where this guy was from :3

Apart from dem elbowguards, I can find nothing to crit really, beyond the rather crude door lightning, which I think could have been handled better in a separate layer with Overlay. Then again, that point is moot if you were aiming for traditional painting in digital. (I still think you should have a go at acrylics/oils on canvas again and photograph your results. Be interesting to see your growth!)

You strike a good balance with the detailing now, I think. It's not too cluttered or too crude. The armour is nice and sharp (and yes, its Exorcists and yes, they are red, but you need to do some green, yellow or silver... or turquoise like a more refine Alpha Legionnaire hint hint ;) )

Will you allow one character question? Zekkel's skin and the scribbles on them that appear later: are they tattoos or a bi-effect of the daemonic possession gone awry? And are they based on any language or just random squirlies? Because yes, this is important for a project I have. And I now have time to do it.
TD-Vice Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Exorcists, he was a real churchboy)

Yes, I do try to emulate traditional painting techniques. Real life shit is too messy for me nowadays, but maybe some day I'll do it) When I get my own house instead of 1-room flat) Good to hear about the detail balance, that's something I've always been struggling with,

Zekkel's tattoos appear after he joins the Word Bearers. They're essentially just that, tattoes, done in a technique that allows them to shift on the wearer's skin. Funny thing is that the texting is permanent, so that even though Zekkel isn't a legion-assigned Word Bearer, but a Slaaneshi demagogue, the texting is still the same, from the Book of Lorgar)

Oh, what project?
Belazikkal Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, okay.

As for the project: how things change in a few days. You'll see, but shit just got very busy very fast. But it is for the better, for my life. I'll bring more info on dA later when things have cleared up a bit.
Medikun Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
While I think the lighting of the opening door is somewhat crude, the concept and placement are just perfect. I kind of struggle with 'just too little detail to enjoy' and 'Just enough detail, no bullshit.'
thevampiredio Featured By Owner May 30, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
very nice!:D
Neetsfagging322297 Featured By Owner May 30, 2013
Pretty sure a bolter and a fast pair of leggs alone would have saved him.
TD-Vice Featured By Owner May 31, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Neetsfagging322297 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2013
Mistake, wouldn´t, not would.
Zarrazheno Featured By Owner May 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
For someone that went from super KILL ALL DAEMONS, and then in a way embraced it, his armor is really clean. There's not much desecration/wear aside from the usual roughness. Will you change that as you progress with this character? And or write stories as to when he carved his first 100 chaos stars?
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