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Chance for the outsiders

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 28, 2014, 6:20 AM

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Please, don't mind the fact that I'm gonna talk about the entertainment industry - as said before, I'm on a route of de-politicizing this page, so in future, most of the stuff I'll post about will be about art, concepts, vidya and movies.

I decided to return to the topic of game development after I follow the whole "videogame and journalism" fallout because of some chick sucking cock.

I've already weighed in about why I think indie games are shitty. But now I wanna talk about and to people who are in some way, shape or form connected to game development. To the contingent of non-US and watchers - be you from Europe, Middle East, Asia, Latin American and so forth.

So, here's the premise - probably, in the worst scenario, the video game industry will develop along the lines of Hollywood movie industry. Or, more precisely - it will be heavily self- and out- regulated and censored among the "political correctness" and "social justice" standards.

It already happened in western cinema. The movies that appear on international big-screens are cleared of anything "offensive" to the controlling clique of liberal censors. Think about genre movies where violence is evenly redistributed by sex - ie, not majorly men on the recieving end. Think about movies where minorities are cast in a negative light. Think about movies that acknowledge reality and the complexity of any given political conflict.

It's simple - they're virtually non-existent. I'm not talking about art-house or creator-driven cinema - no, the regular movies you go to. There's obligatory heroic blacks, women outsmarting men, ancient oriental wisdom, level-headed gays, and awful, awful white straight racist filling every villain/bad guy role without looking at the context of reality. This will just intensify. In the best cases, movies just degrade to comic-book adaptation popcorn-fillers that are so abstract, that they just loose any sense to watchers above 8 years old of age.

This is what's probably going to happen to western video-game industry. The loud minority of pussy-whipped simps and feminists, organizing into loud, outspoken groups, influence the big-players (who, in a normal world, would depend only on the whims of a major consumer base, and not fringe political groups) to adopt censorship and creation guidelines, while yelling that the majority is awful people.
It's all about who put the "morality' flag on this proverbial Moon first. Sooner or later - and it might be a long-enough process, no hysteria - but the western gaming industry will be just as politicized as the movie one. It became a multi-billion dollar industry with access to millions of people, young and old, so no surprise it's happening. When it was obscure, noone care.

Just to offer a little personal perspective. When I was about 13-14 I got a Tomb Raider game on my PC. I really enjoyed it. And in fact, I enjoyed it because it was a fun game about a bad-ass, dual-gun wielding character that explored ancient temples and fought all sorts of mystic shit and dinosaurs. The dual pistols were the best thing - not the tits. I didn't play the game because OMG SHITTY POLYGONAL TITS IM A TEENAGER AND EASILY AROUSED. Nope. I really liked the story, and as Russian, who was raised on Russian child-and-teenage adventure literature, a female protagonist wasn't something that was OMG RARE. And the game was about that  - it was bout this bad-ass Tomb Raider chick with her Matrix-style glasses being well, bad-ass! It didn't prove any point, it just had a gameplay and interesting enough story to justify the whole exploration shtick.

Now, fast forward to 2013. I bought a copy of the game Remember Me. Well, I bought a bootleg copy for my modded Xbox (yeah, my Xbox is modded to play pirate games, bite me). I love cyberpunk. I love it enough so the fact that I, a white nationalist straight male was ABSOLUTELY OK playing as some brownish chica.
And the game was visually stunning. It was GORGEOUS. Neo-Paris begged for a sandbox exploration gameplay. The story about sold and "re-mixed" memories had an interesting premise. I was ready to have a good time.

And that's where the game started to fall apart at the seams. After I failed to complete even a half of Remember Me (I'll tell why), I read about how the developer, DotNod, had a purportedly "hard time" inserting a female character in the game, had conflicts with the developer, and as I read the interview, I realized, that the game's gameplay failed in large because the developers had a feminist agenda, as they themselves said in various outlets.

The main reason why I couldn't finish or play Remember Me long enough, was a completely botched (for me) combat system. It's an alien to my experience, Batman-esque third-person, arena-centered combo fighting game. It was pure horror, repetative, and enormously taxing on my fingers. It was unsatisfying and droning - I gritted my teeth through every fight. Now, you would ask, why did they implement hand-to-hand fighting, where you could have PROJECTILE WEAPONS that would seem more in lieu of a futuristic world? I mean, if Lara Croft had 2 pistols, why couldn't Nilin have some of that pew-pew?

Well, if one reads enough of DotNods words on the game, it's because Nilin was to be a STRONK CAPABLE INDEPENDENT WOMYN. And to illustrate that, she - as she does in the game - punches and kicks fully armored dudes to oblivion. No shoots them - that's to depersonalized, you see. No, the developer wanted to portray her total kick-assery and superiority over clumbersom - and always, invariably male - opponents. To make her seem light and in control in fight to a degree she doesn't need a conventional weapon.

But guess what! This mechanic spoiled the fucking game! It made it unplayable - and not only for me. Most reviewrs had major gripes with the combat. And not to mention a completely CLICHE "one individual overthrowing evil corporation story", this is the case where a slight feminist persepctive and desire to pander to some PC standard (not even mentioning the whole ethncity of the character), FUCKED UP A GAME'S GAMEPLAY.

So, what will happen? Games will change. Their gameplay will change to incorporate the demands of the liberal agenda. It's not about the things like "oh, every character will be an African transgender feminist special snowflake" - it's about what the game will BE, if the characters are African transgender feminists. In a world where killing female NPCs becomes "rape", when all forms of fictional cruelty and suffering is being TRIGGERS - what games will be sold?

But, and here's the main point - it's solely a Western trend. And the thing is, as the industry will change, the people who bought the games for what they like about, won't. There still would be American, British, Dutch gamers who would want to play games without a rainbow-color cast, games that don't explore the opressions of minorities, depression, sensibilities or games that vilify THEM, in the end.

In 3-4 years this is going to be a very lucrative market, as a big chunk of gamers will turn from the PC-cookie-cutter entertainment in order to find the un-censored content.

And this is where national, local game industries can finally flourish. It's a well-known fact that in Eastern Europe, Latin America, some Asian states and so forth, are not very developed. Take Russia, for example - there are studios that are very big in the local and even international, MMO markets and smartphone games, but next to none which can compete in the genre of AAA-blockbuster games. When such projects - like Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light - appear, it's a rarity, rather than a rule. In part, it is due that the market to which such games cater, are already under the control of US-based developers and publishers. Same goes to the Witcher series and so forth. Only exceptional, once in a decade products from the former Soviet state make it that big.

But, note this - both the Witcher and Metro series recieved critial acclaim for the exact fact that they were NOT like US-games of the same genre. Richer narrative, different, more adult and complex tone, less moralizing and more reflecting reality. Grittier, harder, and as result - more exciting as games.

So, there's my poin: the ongoing trends of making games more politically correct and "inclusive" will create audiences in the Western markets who will be dissatisfied with such a development and subsequent games. They'll seek the entertainment they crave in other places - and this gives the opportunitues for non-US, non Western-European developers and publishers, who don't follow the same "ethics" and PC-guidelines, to move their products outside of local markets and to the big Western markets to satisfy such demands. It's an ability to propagate your gaming product as 'uncontaminated" to those who seek such an experience. Digital distribution models, in this case, are an ideal instrument to bypass any transborder regulation in sales.

It will present a truely unique opportunity to make it big. Think about, think what you can and would contribute, and be ready for this to happen. Encourage and  support the estabished developers that could go down this road. It's a chance to earn money, audience and acclaim. It will revitalizie the struggling national game devs.

Granted, it all won't happen overnight. But the possibility is there and it's best to prepare for it.



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I'm 28, own 2 сats and a hardtail bike. I'm Russian, proud Muscovite and a nationalist. Love to devour science fiction, and consider myself an adept of post-cyberpunk. Workwise, I'm a professional (both in terms of education and current job) journalist. Digital painting for me is a hobby which I deeply care for and strive to improve - while it may not be something I'd make a living from, I still strive to achieve industrial standards. I'm a neophyte gourmand and a seasoned audiophile. Anti-misanthropist and ex-military firearms enthusiast. Overall, I'm just a rather average, politically-incorrect dude with an insulting sense of humor and a knack for disillusionment.



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